My Story

I would like to share with all of you "WHY" I joined Scentsy!! Scentsy is such a GREAT company, in this "job" you really work with your family!!  It's a wonderful SAFE alternative to candles.  I always liked to have a candle burning in the house..when I was introduced to Scentsy as a customer I LOVED it! I could not pass up the opportunity to become a consultant & now my family now loves Scentsy just as much as I do! I have two children and because of how safe Scentsy is, I am not worried to have them around my warmers like I was when I used to burn candles.  Out with the wicks & in with the wax for Scentsy!!

I am excited that I now have the opportunity to sell Scentsy, the products are SCENTsational! It's because of Scentsy that I've been able to provide some extra "fun" money to our family & do things that we would have never been able to do before. Scentsy has allowed me to meet so many great people & travel to places I've never been to before! I'm excited for my Scentsy business to grow and to share Scentsy with everyone!  Give Scentsy a try, I know you'll love it as much as I do!!